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Toddler Program

Camelot toddler rooms provide plenty of space to explore, learn and grow. Colorful toys engage your child in all kinds of interesting adventured daily. Each child has their own cubby space, cot, sheet, & blanket. Parents are welcome to bring a favorite blanket, pillow or cuddle toy. Your special little one will spend the day exploring colors, shapes, textures and sounds.

Daily sheets are provided for parents. CCDC daily sheets provide spaces for arrival times, meals, changes, activities and supplies needed. We will be happy to provide any additional information you might want to have included. Toddlers go outside (weather permitting) daily. Please bring the appropriate outer wear, socks, shoes, has ect. Sunscreen is encouraged and will require parents to fill out a medication permission form with product name and signature. Please ask the caregiver to label the product with your child's name.

Diapers will be changed a minimum of every 2 hours. Please keep at least a days supply in your child's cubby along with a change of clothes,wipes,ointment,Tyllenol with permission from and any other food. These items will be provided by parents and labeled with child's name. Tylenol will be kept at the front desk (office). Active Learning is a big part of an Toddler's day. Your child will participate in a hands on, activity / experiential curriculum that also encompasses cognitive concept development. Music is a big part of every day and who doesn't love bubbles! We couldn't make it through a day without bubbles.

You may pick up a menu at the front desk, if you see anything you do not want your child to have a portion of mark out and give to the caregiver in your classroom. Conversely, if your child is quite young you may highlight items you would like to be served to your child. Please supplement anything removed from our menu. We serve milk with breakfast & lunch and water at snack time. You are welcome to visit any time you would like and we encourage you to comment or share anything that you think would help us make your child's day as positive as possible. Thank you for allowing our talented caregivers spend the day with your child.

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