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Two Year Old Program

Your child's day at Camelot will be filled with physical activity suited to their busy little bodies. Your child can play with large blocks, ride the rocking horses, play with big cars and trucks, or explore the playground right outside their window. Daily sheets will be provided to keep you informed of what your little one has experienced each day. Cot sheets and blankets will be provided. You are welcome to bring a blanket, pillow, or soft toy to sleep with. Please bring a change of clothes for your child labeled with name. We will send any soiled clothing home to be laundered. Please replace extra clothes as needed.

Menus are available at the front desk. You are welcome to substitute for allergies etc. We serve milk with breakfast and lunch, water with snack. We encourage your child to use their spoons with their meals. Sippy cups are also provided. Your child will have plenty of opportunity for active play on their playground, covered porch and indoor activity room all just a step away. We have arranged the classroom in learning center and present a curriculum that includes circle time, reading, math, science, music and cognitive thinking skills through project activitie. Fun playful activites happen to be centered around learning concepts. Phonics experience help build a firm foundation for future reading readiness.

All our classrooms have bathrooms to accommodate your individual child's development timing. Consistency between home and child care is very important when potty training. PLease stay in contact with your child's teacher regarding your child's potty training readiness & progress at home. You are welcome to visit anytime. We are happy to have parents watch their child's discoveries. Please pick up a menu each mquestions or comment at any time. Thank you for choosing Camelot for care and development of your child.

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