Kindergarten and School Age Before and After School Programs

Camelot Edmond and Deer Creek locations provide a before and after school program for children in Kindergarten and older which includes transportation to and from most of the Edmond and Deer Creek Schools as well as care for the children when school is not in session. Children will be offered breakfast before school and an afternoon snack after school.

Our teachers supervise as well as interact with the children. Our Kindergarten room is staffed at a 1 to 18 ratio and our School Age room is staffed at a 1 to 20 ratio.

The children have many different activities to participate in such as air hockey, pool, fooze ball, arts and crafts and different group activities. Children may read or do their homework at a quiet table. Xbox and other video games are also available with monitored use. Our playgrounds include large climbing units with slides and swings, basketball, space for soccer, football and plenty of room just for running!

During school breaks and summer we provide full day care which includes extra activities and meals. Children who have completed Kindergarten and older will also have the opportunity to go on field trips.

School Age Summer Program

Camelot provides a summer program for children who have completed Kindergarten and older. Four field trips are scheduled each week. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will go to Pelican Bay Aquatic Center in Edmond. Field trips for each Monday and Friday will vary. We will go on field trips such as bowling, skating, museums, movies, etc. Every Wednesday will be an in center day and we will bring snow cones into the facility for the children. Field trip calendars will be provided in advance so that you may see where your child will be going during the summer.

All field trips with the exception of Pelican Bay are including with the tuition. There is an additional fee for this field trip unless your child has a Pelican Bay Pass, which may be purchased through the city of Edmond. All meals plus a snack will be provided during the summer.

We offer summer enrollment on a full-time basis only. All children are encouraged to go on field trips, however, they are optional. Tuition is due weekly regardless of attendance and if your child does not go on field trips.

Camelot Child Development
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