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Infant Program

Camelot infant rooms staff at a 1:4 ratio. Our care givers are well experienced as well as trained in the care, education and emotional security of your child. Small groups provide a stimulating and yet cozy, warm, safe place for your baby while you are away. Small groups also reduce number of persons in contact with your child during their time at Camelot.

CCDC uses a combination of activities to arouse your baby's senses. Active learning strengthens large muscle groups and encourages individual time with each infant. Mirrors encourage self awareness. The plexi-panels keep your baby in perfect view of the caregiver at all times. Check your child's classroom for individual activity plans.

Thick blankets, bumpers, pillows, pacifier clips with soft toys attached and stuffed animal are not allowed in cribs by DHS.

Your child will be held until they are able to hold their own bottle and talked to when fed. Babies are encouraged verbally during each child/caregiver interaction. Your child is assigned their own crib. Sheets and blankets are cleaned daily. Toys are sanitized after each use. We ask that parents supply, bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, ointments, extra clothes, baby food ect. We are happy to accept a supply for storage.

Arrival, feeding, diapering, napping and communication with parents will be available on your Daily Infant Care Sheet.

Please write a short schedule or individual information notes for your child help the caregiver get to know your baby a little better, a little faster. Anything you can share that makes your infant more comfortable will ease the transition. How they like to be held, burped, helped to sleep or a favorite song.

You are welcome to visit the center at any time.

We thank you for bringing your child to Camelot and want to do everything possible to help you and your family feel comfortable. Please feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions or share comments any time you like. We look forward to providing the kind of care you wish for your baby.

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