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Pre-K Program

The Camelot Pre-K program will prepare your child to excel in their Kindergarten year. No transportaion allows for a full day educational benefit utilizing many opportunities for learning without the interruption of time lost in transitions from Camelot to school and back again. These additional hours or interaction with a full day teacher who knows them well, provides the time needed to support any individual needs or interests.

Camelot Pre-K focuses on a letter each week. We present many types of learning activites in writing, math, science, cooking, large and fine motor, art and social skills. We continuously refer to the sound of the letter throughout the days' activities. More children are in language lab than any other. Reading is the primary learning tool a child and young adult needs to master. How well you are able to read can affect your entire life potential. We have an oppurtunity to give a child an extraordinary advantage.

Project Work
Every few weeks your child will embark on an adventure into the world around them through planned projects. During our light study project your child will learn about shadows and colors of light by participating in science projects, art activites and many other experiences aimed at helping them learn to question and find answers about the world around them.

Part of our daily curriculum plan engages the children in examples of good citizenship and social responsibility. We will familiarize your child with social conscience and sense of the rights of others as well as their own rights and space within a group

Security and Self esteem
The overall program we present is highly academic in content because there is no clear purpose in not sharing academic information with young children. Offering information and process to the young child does no harm and can produce amazing interest for the child

A sense of security in a child is fostered by information. When a young child knows more about the world around they feel more secure. Underatanding nature, science, sequence, written symbolism and social interaction are primary factors in building confident growth. Our program will meet or exceed any state requirements. Your child will also participate in our Camelot Reading Rewards program and receive progress reports every 8-10 weeks. Camelot provides daily opportunities for reading and writing progress as well as lots of purposeful play. We look forward to watching your child's growth during their time at Camelot.

Camelot Child Development
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