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Three Year Old Program

The curriculum your child will experience each day at Camelot is a well-rounded and complete program that embraces many correct theories into one activity plan. Language and Phonics immersion gives your child a productive pre-reading base. Piaget Theory, Wood Concept Toys and Project Work help young thinkers experience process and effect. Circle Time and Teacher Directed activities present basic phonic, math and nusic symbols, ideas and relationships. Art is a big part of CCDC's daily activities for preschoolers. Planned art stencils used to reinforce cognitive skills in a way that suits various learning styles. Children also have access to a wide variety of materials and choice of medium for independent artistic expression.

Lots of brightly colored block puzzles, building blocks, interlocking toys and accessory cars, people, community helper vehicles encourage your child to imagin his / herself in the world surrounding them. Your child will be busy discovering how much this work, progress and process. Menus are available at he front desk monthly. They are also posted in the kitchen and classroom. You are welcome to make suggestions or ask questions any time. We are interested in your input. We will begin our program by familiarizing your child with their classroom and the equipment in it. We will spend a week getting to know your child, their friends and helping them find theor comfort zone in the new enviroment.

The expanded oppertunities to your child through the Camelot Child Development Center Program will surprise you at times and definitely make you smile. By the end of the school year, your child will have participated in light study and ocean projects, proucing a cookbook and gardening. We belive you will be completely happy with the diverse learning process offered to your child. Feel free to comment or share ideas at any time. We all have favorite activity memories from childhood. We would love to add your favorites to ours. We appreciate you allowing us to spend the day with your child.

Camelot Child Development
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